Sunday, February 20, 2011

Everything!: You Are Empowered By God In Your Finances

I came across this blog today by a young man by the name of Michael Lingganay in the Philippines and I was greatly impressed. Having embraced the Word of Faith myself and the knowledge that God is a good God and wants his Children to Prosper in all ways (Financially, Socially, Financially, Spiritually etc), I was overjoyed to know that someone only 19 "gets it". I could re-preach the blog post. The Old Testament mandated the tithe but promised a blessing (Malachi 3:10-11). In the New Covenant, Christians are not Under The Law but are to act out of Love. We are Told to give, and it shall be given unto you, and that we are only limited by what you sow." God wants to spread His Word, and finances are needed for that. This is his system for providing the funds. It is not limited to the Economy of any nation. Read it. Follow His Blog.
Everything!: You Are Empowered By God In Your Finances: "In the first article I wrote dealing with empowerment ('You Are Empowered By God'), I outlined several principles that pertain to God's wor..."