Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Winter Melodies: Platinum Vinyl Awards 1st Quarter- Pop/Folk Rock/Techno

A New Year has begun.  The final list of the First Annual Platinum Vinyl Awards will be released in the coming weeks and months.  Soon the nominations will be trimmed and the real business of the first annual Platinum Vinyl Awards can begin.  Time stops for no one, however, not even for something as momentous as the Inaugural PVA's.  So, we must commence with the nominations from the final quarter of 2010, which now are the First Quarter Releases for the Second Annual PVA's, which will occur sometime in 2012. We begin this time with the Pop Genre.
We'll do double duty this post by including the Folk/Folk Rock Genre
We'll do triple duty with Dance/Electronica/Techno
Still to come, the first selections for Rock, Hard Rock, Modern Worship, Alternative, and Hip Hop. Only Gospel will not be featured in the initial quarter.  Things will pick up soon for them.