Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Best of the Rest: Platinum Vinyl Award 4th Quarter 2009

In keeping with my decision to readjust the Platinum Vinyl Awards from a strict calendar year release to one from October 1-September 30, wedged between the Grammy and Dove Award schedules, I have reached back to October 2009 for nominees.  Since the final quarter of every year is pretty lean, crowded primarily with Christmas Music releases, I have decided to cram all the nominees into a single post, though still separated by Genre.

First up this time: Gospel and R&B
The Nominees in Hard Rock
The Nominees in Rock
The Nominees in Pop
The Nominees in Dance/Electronica/Techno
The Nominees in Alternative
The Nominees in Modern Worship
This quarter provided no worthy entries for Rap/Hip Hop, but the calendar provided plenty of entries as the year went on. Stay tuned to The Night Beat for the cutdown to the final nominees, and then the winners of the First Annual Platinum Vinyl Awards.