Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Change in the Atmosphere

Come Home, the first full length release from Pop-Rock/Modern Worship band Luminate, is also the first album of 2011 to get consideration for the next Platinum Vinyl Awards. The 12 Songs are mostly vertical oriented, and thus qualifies as a modern worship release. As opposed to Leaving Eden by Brandon Heath, it doesn't take multiple listens to figure out what they are trying to say. I don't mean understand the words, I mean the message. The message is clear and simple, and their are no cringe-worthy doctrinal statements.

The title cut is a Plea to the Prodigal, and the pleading of the father really comes through in the chorus
I know you've been running, looking for something, but you're looking in a place you don't belong. It's never too late, you can't outrun grace. No, mercy doesn't care what you've done. So come home.
Hope is Rising gives voice to the universal desire of man to be free, whether free from physical bonds or the bonds of sin.
Every prison has a door, every captive can be free. Every sinner has a hope, now hope is rising up in me.
Atmosphere is an infectious worship song that echoes Moses cry "Show me your Glory"
You've opened up my eyes to your Glory Lord, I've tasted and I've seen, and I want more. I stand here amazed, I fall upon your Grace, I've tasted and I've seen, and I want more.
My personal favorite after several listens, is Destiny, the next to the last track. Part of its appeal is that it sounds like it should be a Denver & The Mile High Orchestra Jazz/Big Band tune. Some say Delirious, but I beg to differ.

My initial rating for Come Home was 4 Emeralds out of a possible 5, but I am bumping that rating to 4.5 Emeralds, placing it in the hopper of contenders for next years PVA's. I want more indeed.