Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hello World

When I started The WENC Night Beat Blog way back in July (has it been six months already?) I had hopes that my words would be reached worldwide. I am pleased to say that that is now the case, at least in a limited sense. So I say HELLO WORLD.

If it weren't for all of you readers I would simply be doing a diary. A blogger is nothing without readers. So I will attempt to convey my thanks with this post. If I miss your country, please don't be offended. I just haven't caught the up to the minute stats. The rankings were compiled last night. Oh, and by the way, the United States is by far and away the biggest readership, but this is for my International fans only.

So, The Top 10 Nations That Read The WENC Night Beat.
  • #10- A Three Way Tie Between China, Hungary, and Slovenia (Koszonom szepen and Najlepsa hvala) Not even going to try on the Chinese
  • #9  - Latvia (Paldies)
  • #8  - France (merci beaucoup)
  • #7  - Netherlands (Dank u zeer)
  • #6  - Germany (Vielen Dank)
  • #5  - Poland (Dziekuje)
  • #4  - Sweden (Tak sa mycket)
  • #3  - Canada (Thank You Very Much and merci beaucoup)
  • #2  - Russia (Spasiba)
And the Number One International Night Beat Fan Nation is
  • #1 - Denmark (Mange Tak)
Yeah, it surprised me too, but the stats are there. We're still growing here but I think nearly 150 views from Denmark is something to be pretty proud of. They are pretty secure at the top, by over 100 over Russia. Now before you get any ideas, I want to thank iGoogle Translation, Yahoo Babelfish and Omniglot for the translation help. I'm pretty much English Only, but If we talk slow, I may be able to have a passable conversation in French due to 2 years of High School French.

Once again, Thank You Very Much for your continued patronage. I hope you are blessed and informed. The next time I do a post like this I hope I can testify to a whole lot more nations. Maybe even a veritable Parade of Nations, like in the Olympic Games.