Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Copernicus Rocks: The 2017 PlatInum Vinyl Awards 2nd Qtr: Live Folk Rock

Sticking up for a fellow pole here at Night Beat HQ. Not that I'm one of those Polish Pride people, I'm not. I mean most days I would just assume I would be any other ethnicity. (I love it when people think I'm Italian.) Hey, my Dad almost had me convinced that I was a Bosnian Crown Prince. (The official name of the country is Bosnia-HerzeGOVINA) (Caps added for Emphasis, Look at my name in the byline.) But upon further review I figure, since that part of the world is fairly warlike (anyone remember WWI?) even up to the present time, maybe it is not wise to assert Balkan Royal Lineage, no matter how flimsy.

Anyway, while Nicky doesn't really have anything to do with Music, (except that Copernicus Rocks sounds cool), it is a slight comment on some recent happenings in the world. Look it up. Now, on to our behind schedule quarterly wrap.

We begin our wrap with some multi-genre posts, where we handle the genres that had less than the threshold of 5 entries. This first one is a little tricky. Even though we have a category called Folk Rock, this is Live Album, Folk/Folk Rock, and Rock. It is the first of three multi genre posts. Let's get to it.

Folk/Folk Rock

Live Recorded Album

Rock Music

We are finally under way for our 2nd Quarter Wrap. Good it starts before the 3rd Quarter is finished. Until next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.