Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Night Beat Rewind: December 2016

A Whole Year is in the bag. Well, really it is only the first quarter of the #PlatVnyl8 eligibility year. It also marks the end of 2016. So there will be a lot to catch up with on the days ahead. We begin with the Christmas Music, but as it is after the Holiday I will not be linking them as the other months.

Christmas Music (Non-Eligible)

  • New Hope Oahu - Hope of All Hopes 4.25 Emeralds
  • Ginny Owens - The Greatest Gift 4.50 Emeralds
  • 7eventh Time Down - Christmas Is The Time 4.75 Emeralds
  • Beckah Shae - Let It Snow 4.50 Emeralds
  • TobyMac - Bring on The Holidays (Single) 4.50 Emeralds
For the last month of 2016 there were also no single releases, if you don't count TobyMac. We move on to the albums which will not make the cut.

Missing The Mark

  • Joyce IM Bartholomew - Songs For The Deep 3.25 Emeralds
  • Free Daps - Wild Card EP 3.75 Emeralds
  • Jerry Manna - Holy Weapon, Volume 2 3.25 Emeralds
  • Midcentury Modern - The Goodness 3.50 Emeralds
  • Rob Reed - Greatest of These 3.75 Emeralds
  • Tristin Roberts - Reassembled 3.75 Emeralds
6 releases in December that missed the mark give me hope that my critical skills are still as sharp as ever. There were also no Perfect albums this time around, so we move on to 

Semi-Precious Metal

  • Circle of Dust - Machines of Our Disgrace 4.75 Emeralds
  • In The Verse - Transformer 4.50 Emeralds
  • Trip Lee - The Waiting Room 4.75 Emeralds
  • The Rock Music - Awakened By Hope 4.75 Emeralds
  • Chris Sligh - Mighty Roar/Healing Flood 4.75 Emeralds
  • Those Who Fear - State of Mind 4.75 Emeralds
  • Carissa Vann - Changing Still 4.50 Emeralds
  • Zach Williams - Chainbreaker 4.75 Emeralds
  • Zao - The Well Intentioned Virus 4.50 Emeralds
That does it for 2016. As a resident of the fringe, I am psyched with the return of Circle of Dust, despite some purists saying "But he's an apostate". Welcome back Klayton. Coming up quickly is our 1st Quarter Wrap, on which all these will be grouped by genre, and given the appropriate Amazon linking to help support The Night Beat. Until next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.