Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Music Video Monday: Supposed To Be

Welcome back to another edition of Music Video Monday, where we share the best we find in Contemporary Christian Music/The Fringe Music Videos out there. And we put extra emphasis on best we can find. Sometimes we don't discover things as quickly as we should. And when we do, we sometimes miss the deadline, as is the case this week. Still, Music Video Monday on Tuesday is better than waiting til next week.

Everybody is screaming and marching for Justice. Well we've got your justice, as in +Carmen Justice. Her debut single in the Dance/Synthpop genre is Flaming Arrows. She's not running from her ghosts.

Flaming arrows thankfully are still unheard of in our streets. But bricks and other projectiles are, especially among Democrat Party affiliated groups. TobyMac takes on the issue in the music video for Love Broke Thru. A very powerful video.
Finally, one of the minuses of being a small time operator is the fact that sometimes you miss things. Like the independent release of Icon For Hire's third album, entitled You Can't Kill Us. The album came out in November, and I missed it, just discovering it a few days ago. I will give you my review as soon as possible. This is Supposed to Be.
That does it for a hastily cobbled together edition of Music Video Monday on a Tuesday. Until next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.