Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Seven Soundtrack: The 2016 Platinum Vinyl Awards 3rd Quarter - Rock

We are on the third of our three way tie. Rock also had nine entries into the pool this quarter. (I think there was a rock tune called Number Nine. Sorry- Obscure Beatles Reference). Anyway from here on in every genre has more than nine, which means a lot of whittling come judging time. To the entries

Rock Music

This is a simply amazing quarter for Rock. Decyfer Down has put out another excellent Southern Rock release. Dogs of Peace proves the wait is worth it with its PFResque sophomore release. BTW, the debut, Speak (we're going through the obedience school manual), was in 1996. TFK knocked it out of the park with Exhale, not to be confused with an album by the same name by Plumb. Suffice it to say that of these 9 entries, 5 are Perfect 5 Emerald Releases. And the Finals have 7 spots. Usually. There could be a lot of snubs for #PlatVnyl7. Until next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.