Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Seven Soundtrack: The 2016 Platinum Vinyl Awards 3rd Quarter - Alternative

Our third quarter rollout of #PlatVnyl7 eligible entries now moves into its Single Genre Posting phase, and builds in intensity from the least to the greatest, at least as far as number of entrants is concerned. This time the fewest entrants went to Alternative Rock, which met the minimum bar of five. Let's get to it.

Alternative Rock

A comment is in order. Kings Kaleidoscope has created a bit of a kerfuffle about them this time around, and it's not about the music. Personally I find it was a bit of a distraction from an otherwise good album, though not on the level of Live In Color or Becoming Who We Are. The controversy comes from a line in the song called "A Prayer", where lead singer Chad Gardner uses the phrase "F***ing Violence" in the "explicit version" of the album. Now when I was a youngster the F-bomb was a Euphemism for Sex, so the words would mean sex violence. Now, well the word is merely bad English, and can mean just about anything (as in "I went down to the f*** store and got myself some f***** donuts when this F**** car pulled in." I hear some variation of this every day). In the clean version it is Vicious Violence. Strong, frequent, whatever. Oh for the lack of a thesaurus. The word use is completely unnecessary. We are linking the clean version.

Next up is the first of a three way tie. We will begin with Gospel. Until then, I am Awaiting Your Reply.