Monday, October 5, 2015

Merely Ordinary

If you've been following the Night Beat for any length of time you have most likely picked up a rant or two about my dissatisfaction with the state of Modern Worship Music. Most of that seems to be centered around the hillsongification of the genre (Yes, I just made that up. But maybe I could get it to trend). While Hillsong Church in Sydney, Australia is the most successful and has spawned a legion of imitators, that is both a blessing and a curse. Most of the music in the genre sounds pretty much the same.

That being said, there is a new breed of Worship Music arising. While Australia still is King, the city is Melbourne and Planetshakers. Then there is Northern Ireland and Rend Collective (Current Album excepted. A little slip. No need to panic yet). Here in the States we have Daniel Bashta and Kari Jobe that have a flair for the dramatic, or should I say orchestratic.

At least until now, at least for Jobe. Majestic was a 5 Emerald Hit and cleaned up at the Platinum Vinyl Awards. There was the Obligatory Deluxe Album. They should have done the instrumental album, but instead went acoustic with Majestic Revisited. Bad Move.

The songs are meaningful, but part of the magic that made majestic live up to its title was the soaring orchestration. In my opinion it makes Kari sing better. Without the challenge of trying to sing above the soar, she gets very quiet, and that is a shame. The songs are the same, just more ordinary.

I never thought I would say this, but I am giving Majestic Revisited by Kari Jobe a quite ordinary score of 3.75 Emeralds. A Platinum Vinyl Awards without Kari Jobe. Maybe she cans still be a presenter. Oh well, until next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.