Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Crowing Over The Doves

Well it is that time again. The Dove Awards have been handed out and the bands and artists are glowing in the shine off the hardware. Or something like that. Of course it is nothing like the glory they get from winning a Platinum Vinyl Award, but it's better than nothing.

In my line of work as the President, Founder and leader of the WENC Night Beat, it is my responsibility to make predictions as to who I think will win the awards. To try to improve the Award Process, of course. Anyways, I would like to remind you that statistically speaking, a coin flip is 50%, so if I get near to that, I don't have to hang up my Carnac the Magnificent hat.

We begin with the Album Awards. I made 3 Picks which I explained, and another 5 Quick Picks with no explanation. I cleared a wide berth for Worship Album, picking 3: Bethel Music, Chris Tomlin and Passion Conference. There were only five nominees, I had to hit, right? Wrong. They went with Hillsong No Other Name. 

I did better with Pop/Contemporary Album, picking For King and Country, and the Dove Committee went for it as well. I will give myself points if I thought the industry would pick a choice other than mine, but then they went for my choice. I said Red should win for Rock Album and that the industry was pulling for Disciple, but the GMA's went for Red as well. That's 2 for 3. 

For the quick picks I went with Kierra Sheard for Contemporary Gospel; Charles Jenkins for Traditional Gospel; Philips Craig and Dean for Inspirational; Colton Dixon for Rock/Contemporary; and Lecrae for Rap Album. I only lost out on Gospel. The other three were correct. Final album total 5 for 8 or 62%.

I made four picks for Song awards. For worship song I went with Forever by Kari Jobe but really thought popular opinion went with Holy Spirit by Francesca Battistelli. The Dove went to Matt Maher. Go Figure. I thought How Can It Be by Lauren Daigle should win but the Dove would Go to For King and Country. The Dove went to Daigle for Pop/Contemporary Song. I had a bad hunch that the Dove for Rock Song would go to Skillet for Good To Be Alive, from an album honored in #PlatVnyl4 two years ago. I was right. I picked NF or Rapture Ruckus for Rap Song. The Dove went to Lecrae. 2 for 4 on Song, Overall we were at 7 for 12 or 58%. Still ahead of the coin flip.

The third part went to the General Field. I made a pick for Artist of The Year, New Artist of The Year, and Song of The Year. For Song of The Year, while I thought that the Dove's would go to Casting Crowns for Thrive, I said that I would pick How Can It Be by Lauren Daigle. And that is the song that won. I love it when the big boys agree with me.

For New Artist of The Year, I Picked Lauren Daigle. I love her powerful, deep voice. So did the Dove Committee. 2 for 2.

I really thought it would be the ladies year so I said either Kari Jobe or Francesca Battistelli for Artist of The Year. The Dove went to Lecrae. Must be a war on women thing. Ending there we would be 9 for 15 or 60%. and 2/3 here or 67%. But I also, on a lark, picked for Short Form Video to illustrate absurdity by being absurd. While I have a Video of The Year Award, I also have ones for individual music genres. Trying to do one without the other is crazy. Anyway I picked Dreams by Kings Kaleidoscope and they picked You Can't Stop Me by Andy Mineo. Including this loss gives me 9 for 16, still over a coin flip at 56%. I guess I can keep at this. Until next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.