Wednesday, October 14, 2015

40 Years of CCM: A Testimony

This Summer I came across an old Gospel of John with my writing in it. The writing marked my Decision to accept Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior. That day was March 10, 1975. At the time making an annual celebration of your "Spiritual Birthday" wasn't really a big deal, so it was forgotten, though I never forgot that I was born again. I was eight years old at the time, and the person responsible for my Salvation was Royal Ranger Commander Walter Monroe of Southern New England Troop 66 at the New Testament Church of Cedarville, MA. I would have turned 9 in a little over a month, so I was held out of the Buckaroos Division until my Birthday and then I was admitted as a Pioneer.

One small regret. Soon after I got saved I had a yard sale and sold my and my brothers collection of Secular Music. The Beatles, Chicago, Paul McCartney and Wings, Bad Company. I know. There was a lot of other stuff, not all so good. Still, with what I have deemed GRAC (Generally Regarded As Christian) and the Fringe a lot of these artists could have been considered (if They were active) for a Platinum Vinyl Award.

I recently discovered another 40 year birthday to celebrate. It seems that Christian Contemporary Music had its birth in 1975 as well. Yes, I know, but we're talking CCM. Christian Rock and Metal were first, but the Industry has always been uneasy about their existence. Soon after my conversion I was introduced to Christian Music via the Christian Coffeehouse. Most of the artists would soon be forgotten by the Church. They were not forgotten by me, however.

Which brings me to the recent compilation from CCM United entitled We Will Stand. The Album is subtitled 30 Artists, 45 Songs Celebrating 40 Years of Christian Contemporary Music. While the music is good, the Industry is a bit Nostalgic, so the "History" is a bit back heavy. We have Amy Grant, Sandi Patty, Michael W. Smith, The Imperials (when they were rockin thank God), Love Song, you get the idea. The only "Contemporary" CCM artists are the Newsboys, Nicole C. Mullen and Francesca Battistelli. So it is more like CCM 40 years ago rather than 40 years of CCM. I would like have liked it to have included a bit more volume as well.

I am going to give We Will Stand (Live) 4.75 Emeralds based on the nostalgic value alone. It is a good, though incomplete look at mostly the Adult Contemporary Genre of Christian Music. Of course I have a problem with the CCM Title anyway, but that is the subject of another rant. Until then, I am Awaiting Your Reply.