Monday, April 27, 2015

Night Beat Rewind: March 2105

Though the nominations for #PlatVnyl5 are in, the nominations never stop coming in. The end of March not only brings Spring with it, but it also marks the half-way pole of the race that is the #PlatVnyl6 Eligibility Period. No singles were announced this month, so we move on to those entries which will not be in the pool, those that

Missed The Mark

Of this group, while all are good, though not particularly award worthy, I Was disappointed most by Britt Nicole. A regular album is borderline dance music, so a remix should have been a shoe in. The result fell flat however.
Nothing Flat about our next grouping, however.

Pure Platinum Perfection

7 Perfect 5's in a month means that the Candy Store is officially open once again. Really, it never does seem to close. A few caveats, though. The Altar Boys is a re-release, though I am not sure if a reunion is planned at the same time, so there may be no comeback award nomination. Kirk Whalum's 5 is for the Jazz alone. The between song banter about how Obamacare is so great or guns should be banned kind of bugged me, but I put it aside and listened to the music.

Our next grouping goes between the extremes. These are.

Semi-Precious Metal

That finishes off the March releases. Thank God it still is only April. Being two months behind would have been to embarrassing. I am done. Until next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.