Monday, May 11, 2015

Music Video Monday: Oh Mama a Volcano

Welcome to the return of Music Video Monday. I have decided to bring this back as a sign that things are getting back to normal. Now that the nominations for #PlatVnyl5 are updated, we can get back to the flow of things, and Music Video Monday is part of that flow.

We begin with a new video by Former The Civil Wars Lead singer Joy Williams. It's a timely video called Woman (Oh Mama). One word of warning, though. We have a lot of shots of Joy "Tastefully nude" I shall say, so there may be a NSFW for the squeamish. I wasn't offended, but a little shocked. She is a beautiful woman.
Next up, we go to rap, and Rapture Ruckus. This has been a strange journey for this band and the Platinum Vinyl Awards. Invader Volume 1 was, eh. Ok. I passed on it. Invader Volume 2 I loved. And I loved Invader Deluxe. He got some help from Jonathan Thulin for the music video of Volcano. Love his epic videos
And finally we got to a just discovered just posted live video by The Vespers. What? It's Not enough? You'll have to wait for next week.
That does it for the return of Music Video Monday. See you next Monday. Until then, I am Awaiting Your Reply.