Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Polar Vortex Polka Redux: The 2015 2nd Quarter - Adult Contemporary Dance

We continue our progression through the 2015 2nd Quarter eligible releases. This is the second of our multiple genre nominations. In our first post we announced Children's Music, Jazz, Pop and the Remix. For this post there are but two genres. They are Adult Contemporary and Dance-Synthpop. From here on in we go with single genre posts. We begin again.


  • Hillsong Young and Free - This Is Living
  • Inspire Music - Inspire
  • Various - WoW Hits Party Mix

Adult Contemporary/Inspirational

  • Among The Thirsty - Who You Say I Am
  • Jared Anderson - Where I Am Right Now
  • Davis The Band - Only Your Love
  • Matt Maher - Saints and Sinners
Yes there is a double dipper. WoW Hits party mix is a tossup between Dance and Remix. There is a bit of both. So they are listed in both. Next up is Alternative. Until then, I am Awaiting Your Reply