Wednesday, April 22, 2015

#PlatVnyl5: The Nominations Are In

The nominations are over. #PlatVnyl5 moves into the final judging period and the winners will soon be announced. The world waits with baited breath. Excluding compilations, there were 130 nominated artists, though featured appearances may have inflated the total by a few votes.

There were 55 categories, a record. The awards are spread over four fields: Album, Song, Video and General. Heading into the finals, British Expats Ben and Anita Tatlow, aka Stockholm's Salt of The Sound, lead the nomination pack with a record setting 11 nominations. Due to multiple nominations in a category, however, the maximum times they can step up to the virtual podium is 7.

They can be beat by the second place nominee holder, Kari Jobe of Gateway Church in Southlake, TX. Her 9 nominations for Majestic (Live) and its signature song Forever were all individual category nominations, so she has the opportunity to make 9 trips for 9 nominations. The album certainly lived up to its name. I confess at the first it didn't impress me, going only by Amazon clips. Once I saw and heard the video I changed my tune and upgraded it from 4.5 to a perfect 5 emeralds. It is a formidable hurdle for the others.

Tied for Second with 9 nominations is someone who probably will never be on the same stage with Kari Jobe. Metal Pioneers Stryper. Since they also had multiple nominations for two albums, they will only be eligible for 8 wins, which is pretty good considering.

Salt of The Sound led the debut artists, but they had a lot to crow about. Taking out the leader, the others had 34 entries between them. Rockers Veridia and Folk-Rock/Worship For The Fatherless were in second place with 6 apiece.

Though there is still no hardware and only a virtual venue as well (no pretty presenters or speeches), things are heating up and word is getting around. I give God all the glory for the growth of these awards, as I really am flying by the seat of my pants on this. And while all this is going on #PlatVnyl6 is halfway through the nomination period. Never a dull moment. 

I may be spotty on the blog. (Big Surprise) as it is my Birthday. No I won't tell you how old I am. So until next we meet, I am Awaiting Your Reply.