Friday, March 13, 2015

Science Fiction Begins Now

No, I am not going to write about life on other planets. That's just a teaser. This is about music. The trend in music these days is Synthetic, not Organic. Personally, I think that's a good thing. Who needs instruments? All you need is a synthesizer and some vocals. Actually, vocals are optional.

Two brothers lead the pack in synthetic music are two brothers who are too lean. No that's not a comment on their diet, it's their name. David and Jonathan Thulin (the pronunciation is above). David is the EDM king, and Jonathan is the Electronic-Industrial/Alternative half. This is about Jonathan.

Way back in #PlatVnyl4 Jonathan came out with The White Room (Deluxe Edition) . Until then he was unknown to us, as was his brother. So much so that I had his name as Thu-lynne. Bombs Away was the song that caught my attention, and the video is a perfect analogy for redemption. It gathered nominations that year, and the Deluxe edition is in contention again in #PlatVnyl5.

The follow up to The White Room is pure Science Fiction . I've got the album on auto repeat here. It is addicting. Jonathan has a lot of help in this album (featuring credits) from big time artists (Rapture Ruckus, Derek Minor, Kevin Max, Moriah Peters) and some which may not be recognized at first, such as Manwell (Group1Crew), Tauren Wells (Royal Tailor) and Emily Irene (Shine Bright Baby).

One of the highlights of The White Room was the tendency to the spectacular, with musical scores more reminiscent of Epic Motion Pictures. To be fair, he delivered in the song, and especially in the Music Videos, which would be mini-movies. JT does not disappoint here. Cry Wolf,  Mockingbird, and The Ruins should make great videos with this one.

Considering that this has been on auto repeat from the start I have no qualms about giving Science Fiction a perfect 5 Emerald rating. This one has really set the bar for Electronic and Alternative. Like all good sci-fi, you do have to wait. The link is just for a pre-order, the actual album drops March 17. And it's a whole lot better than green beer. Until next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.