Thursday, March 5, 2015

Night Beat Rewind: February 2015

We are up and running in 2015. There were open 30 releases this month. Of course, not all of them will be covered here. Two wound up being spoken word and one was classical. Of course, they weren't exactly the judges cup of tea, so they were unceremoniously dropped.

We begin with a few songs, or as we like to call it

The Singles Scene

Hearing the first single from AA 3.0 as it has been dubbed has cemented my opinion that they should hang it up. Fireflight shows promise. I mean, it is still Dawn, but it's a bit poppy. Not everything can be For Those Who Wait, but I think when they finally release an album it will be more than enough rock. The following can not be said about our first grouping.

Missing The Mark

I like to think that I am the toughest on the Modern Worship genre. There are so many "Zschechies" out there, some which literally go all "Single White Female" in copying Darlene's dress, hairstyle and everything. It's downright spooky. Unfortunately all of them, including Hillsong, have pretty much rested on their laurels and mail it in, expecting everyone to applaud anyway. Maybe I overcompensate, but I look for bands that break out of the Hillsong Mold.

No mold grows on our next grouping, however.

Pure Platinum Perfection

This was a loaded month, and I couldn't be more pleased. On the flip side, however, I can announce that the Night Beat Candy Store is now officially open. Six perfect fives in February equals a lot of editing again to come up with a best of in December.
Of course most releases fall somewhere in the middle, or what we like to call

Semi-Precious Metal

That concludes this edition of Night Beat Rewind. For the first time I believe I have even linked the Missing The Mark entries. Until next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.