Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Drive To Five: No need to Obsess, The Waiting Is Over

When last we met, we were attempting to cover the six nominees of #PlatVnyl4 for Comeback of The Year within the space of a single post. Forgive me sounding like Superman, but I think that is the level of folly I was dealing with. Our last three nominees really take you back in the time machine.

Obsessions, can be bad, but some can be good. Especially if they come from Sacred Warrior. The band, which began in 1985, and exhorted Christian headbangers everywhere to "love one another and do what the Master commands", was one of the Pioneers of Christian Melodic Metal and has often been compared to Queensryche or Iron Maiden. They had a very short but sweet run, as Obsessions came out only in 1991. They caught the reunion wave beginning in 2001 at the Cornerstone Festival. Not surprising since they were a Chi-town band and C-Stone, founded by Rez, was always more supportive of the Hard Rock scene. Still, it took almost a Dozen Years of Waiting in Darkness , but it was worth it. With Eli Prinson replacing founding vocalist Ray Parra without missing a beat, the band was nominated, in addition to comeback awards, for Metal Album and Song of The Year. Waiting in Silence won the latter.

Don't Wait for the Movie , it's not as good as the book. Unless the book is by J.R.R. Tolkien and the director of the movie is Peter Jackson. Then all bets are off. White Heart (or Whiteheart) goes all the way back to the early 80's (1982 to be exact, making it the 2nd oldest of the three). I would not consider them a Jesus Music Band, however. Personally I would cut off that label in 1979, making it an even decade. To mix Honeytree and Larry Norman with Whitecross and other metal bands is just plain wrong. Only Rez belongs in the group. The band lineup has always been in flux, and they are the answer to the question "What band did Inspirational Singer Steve Green Start out with?" Redemption was the title of their last studio album in 1997. There have been some hints of a reunion tour, but they never officially broke up, which makes things kind of tough in that respect. They only received comeback artist nominations.

The last nominee was also the winner, and the longest comeback. Sweet Comfort Band is from the Jesus Music Era, having formed back in 1977. They were Christian Music's first Jazz Band. By the time I began my career as a DJ in the Fall of 1984 they had broken up. Despite the death of Bass Player Kevin Thompson, the band reformed with the remaining original lineup and released "The Waiting Is Over " in 2013. It was an appropriate title, for the band stayed true to their original sound without too much tinkering, so it was a cool drink for fans. They won both comeback album and comeback artist. A sweep.

Next time we shall discuss the class of 2013, as we call the new artists. Until then, I am Awaiting Your Reply.