Monday, January 6, 2014

Music Video Monday: Made To Glow

Welcome to 2014 everybody. It's time for the first MVM of the year, and we rock on with the conclusion of the 2013 Rock Videos. We close out last year with our last weekend post on Friday. New Year's SNAFU's caused a MV Tuesday that was supposed to be on Friday. Of Course, since +Triberr neglected to pick up the feed if you get it through them you will see two music video posts today. Sorry.

We begin with another great video from +skilletband. From the Perfect 5 Emerald rated album Rise, and one of our Platinum Dozen for 2013. This is American Noise.
+These Hearts is next. They've Been Through Hell.
One of My favorite seventies sounding bands is next. Seabird says Love Will Be Enough.
We end the Monday portion of 2013 with  Shine Bright Baby.  We were Made To Glow.
Next Monday we start the 2014 Videos, and it is an all Monday schedule. Until next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.