Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Night Beat 2014 Preview

Welcome to 2014 everyone. I hope you all had a wonderful New Year, didn't over indulge in "Adult Beverages", and if you did, I hope the after affect wasn't too embarrassing. Things have been quiet here at Night Beat HQ. The first snowstorm of the year kind of does that.

January is typically a slow month in Christian Music, and for that we are grateful. Other than a deluge of Christmas Music, things start to slow down in November and usually begin to pick up in February. Last Year we had an active start, but the way things appear for now, there is a bit of a breather. 

January has its fair share of releases, but a good deal of these are on the Icon label. These are a series of Sparrow releases designed to introduce new listeners to established artists. Anberlin, Kutless, Rebecca St. James, Underoath and Stryper are released this time around.

Other than the Icon releases, four releases dominate the landscape. Switchfoot releases its soundtrack album for Fading West on the 14th. This has been floating around the release charts for two months, I hope it finally comes out.

The following week we really rock out. Nine Lashes releases its Sophomore release on the 21st. Their self titled release was the 2012 PVA Winner for Rock Album of The Year.

January closes out on the 28th with Casting Crowns Thrive. I've got a love hate relationship with this band. Or maybe I should say hot cold. Some of the albums leave me cold and others I really love. We shall see. It should make the pool.

That finishes up the January Preview. After a month out things really get iffy in the music world. Until next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.