Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Songs of The Mourning Dove, Part Two

In my last post I discussed the return of the Dove Awards after an eighteen month hiatus. In that post I gave the GMA some suggestions from the recently concluded 3rd Platinum Vinyl Awards. In this post I will make suggestions, without showing all my cards, from the upcoming 4th Platinum Vinyl Awards Pool. The eligibility year for that is now in its fourth quarter.

Because the folks at the Gospel Music Association are terrified of synthesizers (They may have accepted electric guitars, but I think they still believe Mr Moog was an agent of the devil), there are a few possibilities that I don't think they will ever consider. Especially since good Christian boys and girls don't dance.
  • III - Shiny Toy Guns
  • The Electro Pop: Deluxe - V. Rose
  • Glowing Collision, V1 - Andy Hunter
  • Har Megiddo Remixed - Har Megiddo
  • New Horizons - DJ Magellan (feat Lara Landon)
  • Reconstructions - David Thulin
Then there is that pesky "spirituality test" that pops up whenever an artist successfully "takes the cross over" to the mainstream. If there is even a bobble on the Christian tightrope, they join the ranks of "the fallen". Hence, in addition to Shiny Toy Guns (I love that name), I doubt we shall see any of the following among the nominees.

  • Almeria - Lifehouse
  • Paramore - Paramore
  • Vital - Anberlin
This final list I believe should make it though the Dove Committee, though you never can tell with them.
  • A Creation Liturgy - Gungor
  • O God Save Us All - Disciple
  • Kings and Queens - Audio Adrenaline
  • Loved - JJ Heller
  • Miracle - Third Day
  • The Space We Create - Terra, Terra, Terra
  • Still Believe - Kim Walker-Smith
  • The White Room - Jonathan Thulin
 That finishes my recommendations to the Dove Award nominating committee. We shall see, when the nominees are announced on August 21, 2013. Comment on this post or the previous one about possible ones that I missed, or additions you would like to see. Until next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.