Monday, July 8, 2013

Let's Get This Party Started

Today is the big day. On July 8, 2010 The WENC Night Beat went live for the first time. There was a 4th of July Post that year, officially our first post, but since it is seasonal in nature it has since been deleted from the blog.

Three years doesn't seem like a big deal, but soon after I started I discovered Jay's Musik Blog which hung it up after three years. In that light Tuesday July 9 will mark a sort of victory. We're still here. Perhaps because we're less than a fanboy blog, though you've read a wow quite a few times. 

It only seems fitting that as we turn three here, we are also ramping up in a big way. A recently discovered treasure trove of undiscovered releases has blown up this years eligibility pool for the 4th Platinum Vinyl Awards. We're getting bigger in more ways than one.

A sweepstakes will be forthcoming, and I intend to bring my readers up to speed with some Classic Posts. You can also follow my musical genius on Facebook and Twitter. (Google Plus is coming, though it is a work in progress).

To all my loyal readers, followers and stalkers (In a nice sort of way), thank you. I hope to make you want to spread the word of this blog throughout the world. Tell everyone you know. I will be around for a long while. 

All I ask is you forgive the repeats. We will be posting some classic posts in order to celebrate, and it will serve to get the newbies up to speed.

Looking Forward to Turning Four. I am Awaiting Your Reply.