Monday, July 29, 2013

The Brave Ones, The Dreamers

To paraphrase Nicodemus, "Can anything good come out of Orville?" Well, except for Smucker's. The answer to the question is a resounding yes.

Shine Bright Baby is another in a long list of stars in the sky of Brandon Ebel. Their debut album, entitled Dreamers , is quite a refreshing turn of musical events. The band says it is somewhere in the intersection of Shiny Toy Guns, Katy Perry, Neon Trees and No Doubt. I never heard of the third one but checked them out on iTunes. It's quite an intersection.

According to lead vocalist Emily Irene, the name comes from the Bible command that we are to Shine Bright in the midst of a dark world, and shine they do. The album starts off with a bang with made to glow and barely lets you rest, though there are a few selah moments. My favorite song is the first of these. Love Restores is cut four.

His Love Restores. His Words are True. What this world breaks His hands make new. So do not fear, not anymore. He can heal what's broken and torn. His love restores.
They are a fun band, and that is fairly rare these days. The fun is evident on their first Music Video, Beautiful Love. One thing they probably didn't love was the cleaning bill.

A lot of Pop, a bit of Dance, and a little help from Kevin Young of Disciple on Brave Ones. Talk about a shooting star. I am giving Dreamers a final rating of 4.75 Emeralds, and that only because I am trying to avoid handing out perfect five's like candy. They deserve to be Best New Artist. Get this album. Until next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.