Monday, April 1, 2013

The Night Beat Spring Preview

The Temperature is Rising, and so is the pace of the new releases. Winter ended with a bang, not just in the real world, where the biggest snows hit after Punxatawney Phil predicted an early Spring (we know where you live, buddy), but also in the music world. Three perfect albums were released in March. Andy Hunter's Glowing Collision, Audio Adrenaline's Kings and Queens, and JJ Heller's Loved.

April brings promise. The month begins with another reboot, though not as extensive as Audio Adrenaline. Hawk Nelson returns with Made, the first studio release since Crazy Love, and, more importantly, the first release since the departure of Jason Dunn, who was a founding member of the band. Most members of a band are replaceable, but it's always the toughest with the vocalist position. My early opinions of Made are very good.

Two Platinum winners also make their return. Kerrie Roberts says that it's Time for the show, the follow up to her self titled debut, for which she won the inaugural PVA's Best New Artist Award. In between she did an EP called Once Upon A Time for the ABC show of the same name. This should be worth the wait. Silverline was the unofficial winner of Rock Song of the Year that year with "Voices in the Night" (we didn't have a song category until the second year. The song was a great homage to Trans-Siberian Orchestra. The rest of the album gave me mixed feelings, so I will be testing this one. 

April also brings a new "Thread" to The Letter Black. Rebuild comes out the day after my birthday, and it marks the first release of this band without "hanging on" in the title. Previews of songs on youtube are promising.

May brings the return of Texas alternative act Eisley. Their foray into Deep Space wasn't award winning, but it was intriguing enough to make the pool. I expect no less from this release.

Finally, Spring gets closed out and the summer begins on a loud note. Skillet finally returns with Rise. Let's see, Collide, Comatose, Awake, Rise. We seem to be in a day in the life with titles. I guess a rose by any other name.

It will be enough to keep me busy, and the Platinum Vinyl Awards as well. To rip off Kerrie Roberts, Time for the Show. I am Awaiting Your Reply.