Friday, April 5, 2013

The Groundhog Blues: Winter 2013 Releases - Pops Folk Gospel

Welcome to the release announcement of the eligibility pool for the Platinum Vinyl Awards from the Winter of 2013 (That's January-March folks). Due to the random distribution of entries, some categories may be missed or have very few entries in each quarter. This quarter was no exception, as there were no Children's Music Entries and very few for Folk, Gospel, Pop and Rock. As is my custom here, I will attempt to combine posts as best I can to make things satisfying.

Today we will reveal the eligible releases for Folk Music, Gospel, and Pop Music.

Folk/Folk Rock

Heller is almost perpetual in this category, though she has strayed into pop territory from time to time. Deep roots may surprise some SCC  fans, as he is a AC staple. Deep roots is Folk with a few Country forays. Not enough to get my gag reflex going, though.


  • Kurt Carr - Bless This House
  • Canton Jones - CJ Talks
  • William Murphy - God Chaser 
  • The Wardlaw Brothers - God's Been There
CJ Talks, despite the title, is not spoken word. It is a live album from the Dominionaire tour. Finally, we come to Pop Music. This genre is usually well represented, but it was a little light this time around.

Pop Music

Two things of note here. This Britt Nicole release is not the same as the Gold EP. That release is a dance remix (several of them) of the song Gold. Plum is a little hard to classify this time around. She went more pop than dance, and is a bit more alternative, like at the start. She is a multiple qualifier.

Children's Music Box

  • Yancy - Jesus Music Box

That concludes these genres. More will be coming. Until next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.