Tuesday, April 16, 2013

How is your Color Theory?

Sometimes even Twitter surprises me. I was checking my email the other day. Yes I know its not cool anymore, but I find it useful. I get an email notice when I get a new follower. This one said Brian Hazard is now following you. I checked it out and Brian Hazard IS Color Theory. In the electronic world everyone can be a one man band. I found out about Color Theory through the Electropop Sampler. That was back in 1998. In light of all the "retirements" from Christian Music these days, its good to see some still hang tough, especially the fringe, where fans are loyal but few. The music is always happy, and even has a few moments of snark, as in the Song Named After a Girl (Sweet Caroline, anyone?)

Color Theory is offering some free songs for a song (or at least an email). Four songs for free. I have embedded the widget so you can take care of it right from here. Right now there are plenty of reasons for some happy tunes. Check it out.