Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring has Sprung, The Releases Begin

The snow has finally melted, and the music world is taking its cue and is beginning to ramp up in earnest. The road to the 2011 begins in earnest this week with a full dozen entries. It still remains to be seen how many of these will make the cut, but the volume is impressive, if intimidating for a small scale operation. First out of the gate (at least Alphabetically) is South African (by heritage, he's now in California) worship leader Brenton Brown with his latest Our God is NearThose of us in the Northeast are quite familiar with the concept of double-dipping, especially in regard to Government Pensions. Joining the CCM Double Dipper Club is Houston, TX Folk Rock outfit Caedmon's Call. Their latest release, entitled Raising Up The Deadcame out as a digital download on September 14, 2010 just making the cut for the 2010 Platinum Vinyl Awards, where it was nominated for Best Folk/Folk Rock Album. March 22 marks the CD releases, and a wider audience. Since the album is the same, unless the Folk genre gets overcrowded this year, I see no reason that they will not be nominated for a second year.

CCM Legend Michael Card (he recorded his first album on Vinyl in 1981) releases his 24th Album on the 22nd with An invitation to Awe.  Though I didn't play his music (The Night Beat played harder stuff), I remember seeing Scandalon (1985) on the shelves of the station. Tooth and Nail FFR Hard Rock Band The Letter Black continues its rise with Hanging on by a Thread Sessions, Vol. 1the first of 3 limited edition EP's containing new material, B-Sides, and exclusive tracks. Volumes 2 and 3 will only be available at live shows, as digital downloads through Amazon and iTunes, and at the Tooth & Nail Store.

A Bunch of EP's were released today, the most anticipated being Awake & Remixed by Skillet, but also including  DecembeRadio and Eleventyseven. Rounding out the releases on March 22 are:
Next week we will close out March with releases by Kirk Frankin, Emery, Mary Mary and Becoming the Archetype. Later this week I hope to have posted full reviews of Echoing Angels and (pre-release) Mary Mary. Until next time, readers.