Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Valley of Eisley

The Valley, the latest release by the Tyler, Texas DuPree family. Sisters Sherri (Rhythm Guitar), Stacy (Keyboard, Guitar) and Chauntelle (Lead Guitar) handle the vocals, while brother Weston (Drums) and cousin Garron (Bass Guitar) round out the band. Collectively they are known as Eisley. The music is pop-rock, simply categorized, yet it manages to be so much more. The harmonies among Sherri, Stacy and Chauntelle are the best since Lauren, Becca and Alyssa Barlow (aka Barlowgirl) and they manage to blend in violin as effortlessly as Reilly.

The title of the album refers to the low points or "valleys" of life. However, the girls seem to take these moments in stride, as the tone of the album is very upbeat or even "playfully vengeful". Comparisons in tone could be made with one of my favorites from 2010, Evolett, except they inhabit the Rock-Hard Rock genre. Try as I might, I am unable to find a klunker among the selections, but I do have my favorites. Sad, the fourth track, which also happens to be the hardest, starts off the best part of the album, which extends from tracks 4-11. Oxygen Mask is next, and it is a masterpiece of Violin and Piano. Better Love is my personal favorite, and who couldn't love a song with lyrics like "I've finally found out, you're on my side. With a bullet for the bad guys, Hallelujah." Still, Better Love isn't the best song on the album, that falls to Kind, and the song with the best overall vocals is I Wish. Mr. Moon also has heavenly vocals. Please and Ambulance round out the CD. Or, for those audiophiles out there, for a premium, you can get it on Vinyl.

For a limited time, though the page is still active, Soundcloud is offering a complete album stream via SPIN magazine. You can also get free downloads of Ambulance and Smarter.  After you check it out, I would ask that you return here if you wish to purchase and help support The Night Beat.

My final verdict on The Valley is 4.5 Emeralds. It is near perfect, and definitely will make the initial pool, and maybe even the final pool of entries for the 2011 Platinum Vinyl Awards, but I'm getting ahead of myself. My biggest problem is classification, because the CD falls into Pop, Rock, and Alternative categories. It is also an Indie release, and if enough of them meet my criteria, it may make four categories at least. Needless to say, it is a pleasure to walk through the "Valley of Eisley".