Saturday, March 26, 2011

I Coulda Been a Nominee

In a previous post I had promised that after the awarding of the 2010 Platinum Vinyl Awards I would take the comments I had received about who was "Snubbed" and produce an honorable mention post, but, due to the dearth of comments (cue crickets) I have decided to reveal which albums, in my opinion, just missed being considered award-worthy. Of course the only genres not to be listed here will be Folk/Folk Rock, Children's Music, and Gospel/R&B, because those categories either never attained what would be a normal number of 7 nominees or just met it, so I never had to whittle down the category once nominations closed.

We'll start with the Pop genre. This one had quite a bit of contenders, and a few worthy ones eventually didn't make the cut. Among them were The Generous Mr. Lovewell by Mercy Me, the self titled releases from Newworldson and Me in Motion, one of my favorites Around The World by Indie Violin-Rock act Reilly and The House You're Building by Best New Artist Nominee Audrey Assad.

The Rock genre got to be so numerous that it was eventually split into two genres: Rock and Hard Rock. Even with that adjustment, there were some that couldn't be accommodated.

The Rock Genre, which consists of your basic pop-rock, arena rock, basically anything not metal or metalcore. Among the honorable mentions were the Self Titled debut from Best New Artist nominee Kerrie Roberts and Heather Williams, the Best of Chronology Our Journey...So Far by Barlowgirl, and the Rock/Worship releases Live by Jeremy Camp and It is Well by Kutless.

The Hard Rock Genre, which comprises all metal and thrash and the like, as well as really Hard Rock, actually had very few snubs. If we had had 10 nomination slots (I thought seven was enough) we could have fit them all in. Left Behind were Metal-Core Pioneers Living Sacrifice and The Infinite Order, Kentucky Metal act Bride's latest Tsar Bomba and the re-release by The Crucified The Pillars of Humanity.

I think that's enough for one post. There was plenty more work to do in Alternative and Modern Worship, as well as a few that needed to be scratched from the dance floor. I'll deal with that in a coming post.