Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Vivent La Revolution

sThe revolution will be televised, and oh yes, there will be blood. The Election is Today and the fringe media (ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, NPR, MSNBC, CNN) will be forced to report that the bloodshed is all on the Democrat side of the aisle. The first Tea Party since the original revolution (That's American not French) has the potential to remake Washington and Massachusetts. I have already voted and am proud to report that I voted a straight R ticket. I am hoping most of my candidates win. I did my part.

Most Democrats still don't get it. You can not legislate against the will of the people and hope to keep your cushy position. My U.S. Rep for a few months longer, Richie Neal, has been airing a radio ad with a Union Thug saying "Richie Neal Responds" when jobs are at stake. He boasts that he can bring money home from Washington. Richie, you don't need to bring money home IF IT NEVER LEAVES. All spending originates in the House, and that appears to be going Republican in a big way. Repeal Obamacare, Slash Spending and bring our Nation back from the brink. It starts today.