Sunday, November 14, 2010

Clear as a Bell

Disambiguation: v. 1. The Process of resolving the conflicts that arise when a single term is ambiguous. 2. n. The Title of a new release by Underoath.

Enough with the grammar lesson. O Disambiguation, the latest release by Tooth and Nail Metal-core band Underoath, is the first release, it is said, with none of the bands founding members. The title of the CD refers then to the new members trying to "clarify" the question of "Who or What is Underoath?" The answer: Underoath is a band in transition. At its heart it still is metal-core, with its deep growls which border on the unknowable. Coming to the surface though is some Original Metal tendencies, with great gang chorus vocals and some songs that are sung and not growled.  Being an O.M. fan the songs I call my favorites are those that either omit the thrash growls or keep it to a minimum, such as Catch Myself Catching Myself, Paper Lung and In Completion.

O Disambiguation is a very good album, but falls short of Perfect Album Status. Primarily because of Track 8 Reversal. It is very short, growl only, and seems out of place on the album. It may be a perfect metal-core without it, why it made the cut is one of the mysteries of the recording industry. It is located between to of my favorites Who Will Guard the Guardians and Vacant Mouth.

O Disambiguation gets 4.5 Emeralds for a final rating from me which will put it into early contention for the Platinum Vinyl Awards for the 4th Quarter. Whether it will make the final cut remains to be seen. It has some serious competition in the Hard Rock Category.