Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Red Stain on the BOHICA Blues

It's the day after the Tea Party Massacre, in all states except it seems Massachusetts. In the U.S. House Massachusetts, in the words of Representative Jim McGovern, "sailed against the wind", which usually means you capsize. In politics it might mean you cheated. Or that the voters intelligence is highly overrated. After looking over the results, I am ready to give my verdict.

To Reps Olver, Neal, McGovern, Frank, Tierney, Markey, and Lynch. Congratulations on your victory. You got over 50% in a contested race. Enjoy your final term, 2012 awaits.

To Bill Gunn, Tom Wesley, Marty Lamb, Sean Bielat, Jon Golnick, Bill Hudak, Gerry Dembrowski, and Vernon Harrison. The 2012 Campaign begins today.  Do Not Let these Democrats rest even one minute of their term. Oppose them at every turn. You are not a novice anymore.

To Michael Capuano, You are illegally occupying the district. All elections must be contested to be legal. You should resign.  In a perfect state you would be forced to resign, your seat would be declared vacant and a special election would immediately be held. I call it the Democracy Project. I doubt you would be in favor of it.

To Jeff Perry, Contest, Contest, Contest. You fell victim to a five way race. Your democratic opponent only got 47% his opposition 53%. Runoffs were made for this. Ditto Charlie Baker.

To Governor Patrick, remember to give Tim Cahill and Jill Stein cushy posts in your administration. You owe everything to them.

Not all things are bleak. Cujo (Paul Kujawski) is gone after 16 years. Congratulations Representative Kevin Kuros. Congratulations Lew Evangelidis, for your victory as Sheriff. Congratulations to Jennie Caissie for your election to Governor's Council. If Conservatives know anything now, it is there is no substitute for an honest an impartial judiciary. Thank You for being there to keep activist judges from the bench.

To all Republicans who ran this election season, win or lose. Thank You. By having the courage to contest the Democrats was a Profile In Courage. To the victors, know this, your victory is the first crack in the Democratic Dam. The Tea Party Tsunami continues. The Dam Bursts in 2012.