Monday, August 15, 2016

The Night Beat Summer Update #3

We are back with our occasional updates from Night Beat HQ. Things are crazy here, and then there is the weather.

PlatVny6 is almost ready for public consumption. The Video and Album Awards are in the bag, fully judged, and I am over halfway through the Song Section. Then there is just a few general field awards to judge before the results are sealed and certified by the cracked law firm of Youppa, Snoopa and Cow. I will let you know the final results, but right now we are looking at late August/early September for the Awards Ceremony.

The Nominations for the 47th Dove Awards are out (yeah, they've been here a bit longer than the Platinum Vinyl Awards, like 40). Just because they are older doesn't mean they are better. I'll be going through the nominations and then I'll take my pot shots make an informed comparison in a series of blog posts.

I think it is time to declare defeat. Music Video Monday is a mess. Now I am not giving up on the series, just giving it a Summer Vacation. It will return in September. That should give me enough time to get through the Doves and Platinum Vinyl Awards and return to a regular schedule. I will keep you posted on that.

Finally, it came to my attention this weekend about the sudden passing of Nelson Chu, aka DJ Official. He was only 39, and he was the DJ for Lecrae and was also associated with The Cross Movement. A rare form of bone marrow cancer took him out. He will be missed.

Sorry for ending on a downer, folks. Until next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.