Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Night Beat Summer Update #2

It is time for another Summer Update here at The Night Beat. In our first update we laid out six things that we were planning on rolling out in the Summer.
  • June Edition of Rewind - DONE
  • Third Quarter Wrap - DONE
  • We Love Christian Music Awards Wrap - DONE
  • Legends of CCM Series Continuation - Still More to Do. Will get to it eventually.
  • Platinum Vinyl Awards #PlatVnyl6  - Judging Is complete for the video portion. Work is progressing on the other portions. The verdict is still unsure as to a final award date. We'll Keep You Posted.
  • Various News and Reviews - Still to come, though I have got back to Music Video Monday.
We will soon have our July Rewind up, and I think we can eventually get back to the Legends series. Though I am really feeling some reviews coming up, maybe as early as next week. We are getting busy here, and sometimes things interfere with each other. It will all be sorted out, so keep it locked here. Until next time, stay cool. I am Awaiting Your Reply.