Monday, August 17, 2015

The Fast Forward to Forever Giveaway

It's finally here. The first giveaway of the year. We operate on a shoestring here at Night Beat HQ, so we have to work at restocking the prize closet. We finally have done so, and I have got some real doozies for you, if I do say so myself. We have four winners from #PlatVnyl5 including the Album of The Year. Let's take a look at the Prizes.

The rom-com line is "You Had Me at Hello". In the music world that translates into "Discovered by Kirk Franklin". The Pure Platinum emanating from the Gospel Genre doesn't come from Wall Street but The Walls Group. A family band consisting of four siblings Darrell, Rhea, Paco, and Ahjah (That's Brother, Sister, Brother, Sister, in descending order of age). Their sophomore release is called Fast Forward, though you wont want to do that to their album. They open with the question "If I talk about Jesus, can I get some love on the radio" Give it a listen and you will be screaming out YES, YES, YES.

Scandinavia has been doing its best to contribute to the Christian Music scene for quite a while, at least since Jerusalem began to Rock out in Sweden in 1975. Yeah, I know, Evie, but I'm trying to forget that. Lately we have a lot of Scandinavian Influence with David and Jonathan Thulin, Blindside, and Even Icon For Hire. Yeah, a whole lot more than ABBA came from there. Icon For Hire is a domestic band, but lead singer Ariel (pronounced R-E-L) was born in Sweden. Icon For Hire started as an independent rock band from Decatur,  Illinois before being discovered by Midas (aka
Brandon Ebel of Tooth and Nail Records). Their Scripted debut had overtones of Skillet and other bands and took the rock world by storm.They played warped tour. And their self titled sophomore release won best Rock Album. They took an even harder louder turn this time around and it paid off big time.

Nothing is harder than Metal, and for those of us in a certain age group Metal Means Melodic Metal, none of that thrash growls for us. Harmonies rule. And when it comes to Heavy Metal Harmony, there is only one name on the top - STRYPER. The album that propelled them to the top of the list was called To Hell With The Devil. The title alone sent shivers down the spine of Christian College Administrators. It was a stand alone album for almost three decades. Until 2013, when No More Hell To Pay came out. It was a fitting completion to the first album and I thought of it that way. But they upped their game once again and are going for the Trilogy. Fallen comes out this Fall (no pun intended).  As to the title, I almost want to say "from your mouth to God's ear". The last Christian album entitled Fallen went multi-platinum and shot its Artists to Rock Stardom. Of course they also got kicked out of the kingdom for their promotional efforts. One out of two ain't bad, though. NMHTP picked up the Platinum Vinyl Award for Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Album of The Year.

And now we come to the big release. Album of The Year. This year the award went to the Modern Worship genre, which was a big surprise. Some albums just wont be denied, however. Majestic (Live) by Kari Jobe was one of those albums. It is one of the rare worship albums that make you feel like you've been transported directly to the throne. The song and video for Forever really moves you. It cleaned up at the Awards. Modern Worship Song, Video, and Album, and Album of The Year among others. As opposed to the other albums in the sweepstakes, the winner here will get the Deluxe Edition, which includes several videos, including Forever.

I have gone on long, but this is the best Sweepstakes I have put together, and it is fitting for the 5 year Anniversary of The Platinum Vinyl Awards. Just Enter below. You Wont be disappointed.

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