Wednesday, August 26, 2015

One Step Forward and Two Steps Back: The 2015 Dove Awards Nominations

If you've followed this blog for any length of time you know that I have been highly critical of the "Industry Awards" (Grammy and Dove). In fact it is because of them that I created the Platinum Vinyl Awards back when I started. We are just wrapping up the nominations process for year 6 by the way. Still, if I hope to maintain any sense of professionalism, I have to keep watch on the competition.

Well it is that time once again as the new Fall Dove Awards has issued its nomination list, and my feelings are quite mixed. They have finally expanded their knowledge base of Christian Artists to include some fairly popular bands. In one case, however, the band has broken up. I guess better late than never.

Of course some moves leave you scratching your head. They got rid of Album of The Year but kept Song of The Year. Now I know writing a song isn't easy (If it was I would have written one) but an Album is a collection of at least 10 songs, so Album of The Year is therefore more of an honor.

On the other hand, they went from two artist of the year awards (Artist and New Artist, which is standard) to FIVE, with the genre based Gospel, Southern Gospel, and Contemporary Christian Artist thrown in as well. Why not do it for all the genres? Because even the GMA knows that to do that would be to turn the Doves into a joke. Hey, at least they got rid of that ridiculous "Performance of The Year" category. Best Concert? That's what I thought it meant.

I will be going through the Album, Song and other awards when they overlap with mine and make my choices when I can. Since a lot of the nominees are also in the #PlatVnyl6 pool I can't say too much about it without tipping my hand. Very Sneaky GMA. Until next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.