Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Runaways are always walking in the dark

"What makes your heart break, you've been dying to let it go.
But you keep holding on to what makes your heart beat
so desperate to find what is real. Longing to feel again."
I have a love/hate relationship with certain artists and albums. I love the fact that they do much more than entertain, that they seem to reach down into your soul and speak to how you're feeling, and become an agent of healing. On the other hand, you hate them for being able to penetrate your defenses. You would think that would mean you would never listen to them again, but the healing wins out, and you listen again and again. I am convinced more than ever that Amy Lee knew what was in my heart long before I did. That's +Evanescence for the rest of you.

Runaways is such an album. The latest release from Dream Records artist Sumerlin. It's their first full length album after two EP's, and what a release it is. I think that Dream Records has something to do with it. They are vying with +Tooth & Nail Records and +Brandon Ebel for The Kingmakers of Christian Music, and with Sumerlin, The Thulin Brothers (Jonathan and David), Press Play, Satellites and Sirens, and Silverline. their making quite the claim to the throne.

Some albums put a love song on the album as its ballad. This song is one great lost love song (from a guys perspective).

  1. Heartbeat
  2. Walking In The Dark
  3. Home With You
  4. Breaking Out
  5. Counterfeit
  6. You Always Were
  7. As I Am 
  8. Speak Up, Speak Out
  9. War
  10. Voices
  11. More Than A Memory.
Breaking out was the first song to get its hooks into me

"If only gravity couldn't keep me down
so I could go to any new place to a new life
but these eyes have seen enough, and these hands
are broken I can not feel you.
It's my fault I gave my heart away with the key. 
I Thought she'd be the one to stay here. Don't leave me astray."
WOW. The tears had to be stifled on that one. How about this for power.

"Is it possible to live life without a heart?
To live your life like a ghost walking in the dark.
I've longed for something new to ease the pain
I've made and built up inside. And leave the past behind."
Powerful rock, touching ballads (Home With You, You Always Were, More Than A Memory). Unlike in TV, the game of Love doesn't always end right. The guy doesn't always get the girl.

"Can I be caught in the moment you or am I just a picture on your wall
I say over and over again this can't be the end of us, this can't be the end of more than a memory, more than a memory."
 Yeah, I know, he's a stalker that can't take no for an answer. It's certainly not that easy to pigeonhole. Healing never is. Get Runaways . It grew to 5 Emeralds. If you've ever had a relationship not work out, you'll get it. Keep the Kleenex handy. Until next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.