Tuesday, May 24, 2016

What does it take to be a legend?

A legend in Christian Music (or perhaps Music in General) shouldn't be easy to attain. It should be more than a Rock God. Of course that doesn't mean that it is an unattainable goal. All it means is it can't be attained by just starting a band, though that is the first step in the process. I think there are three main ingredients.
  • Longevity: Time to the 10 cent dictionary crowd. You can't be a legend if you quit after a few years. Still, even if you are around for 5o years, that doesn't automatically guarantee legendary status.
  • Popularity: To be a legend, people have to know you. That is a cruel fact but such is the case. A band can go on forever in obscurity and they will never become legendary except for the few fans that love them. So Much for ArkAngel.
  • Influence: Plainly put, the music scene had to change after their arrival. Perceptibly. It goes beyond we would miss them if they weren't here. You can tell they are a legend either through the number of their "disciples" (copycats) or the fact that they changed or introduced a sound into the scene
Well that pretty much sums it up.  I have selected a baker`s dozen of bands which I consider to be legendary. 2nd Chapter of Acts, AD, The Choir, DC Talk, Iona, Jars of Clay, Phil Keaggy, Petra, REZ, Servant, Randy Stonehill, Stryper, and WWMT (aka The Tribe or World Wide Message Tribe). I have omitted what I would call Legends in the making. If you can think of any more let me know by commenting here, or at Twitter, Facebook, Or Google+, and give me your nominee. Until next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.