Friday, March 11, 2016

#PlatVnyl6 Update: March 2016

Time for another peek at the inner workings at The Platinum Vinyl Awards. We are dong better than I thought we would be doing at this time. We are going to be shaking things up once again at Night Beat HQ. We have finished picking the nominees for the Video of The Year and Album of The Year was the first to be finished. So all we have to do now is the Song of The Year nominees and the general field. I am feeling a whole lot more optimistic about this than I was last month.

Now as to the shakeup. I have recently discovered Youtube Playlists. I always knew they existed but I thought they were just for me. Now that I have discovered that they can be shared (and embedded) this has opened up an entirely new avenue for promotion of the Platinum Vinyl Awards. Where I had embedded individual videos (5 for announcing video nominees) this should save a bit of space, and that is always appreciated. With the exception of the General Field Video Awards we are all done, and so I may start this process next week, but we shall see. It may be just a teaser.

I may be dropping Children's Music Album of The Year this year, as I was only able to find 2 entries that made the cut. On the upside I will be re-introducing the Keaggy Award for best guitarist, and I am hoping to make it an annual thing.

That will do it for now. Time to continue picking the nominees. Until next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.