Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Like A Flyleaf To Honey

When Life Hands You Lemons...Life Screams . Who cares about Lemonade?

We at Night Beat HQ are overjoyed when an artist makes a comeback. Usually. If the change is too abrupt in musical styles, sometimes you wish they stayed retired. No problem this time.

Musically speaking, I fell in love with Lacey Sturm (then Lacey Moseley) along with most guys, when she was lead singer of Flyleaf. That such a powerful voice could exist in such a small package was amazing in itself. And to see Flyleaf live was something entirely. (I never saw them Live, Live, but I did catch them via the Internet at one of the Rock The River concerts done by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association). When you get to hear her testimony and see how it compares with the woman before you who is so full of Love and Joy, you really know that Jesus is real. When Lacey left Flyleaf in 2012 a lot of us felt the band was over. While we were wrong and Kristen May has done an admirable job at lead (though she is no Lacey), it feels different.

Flyleaf fans rejoice, Lacey is back, and I mean BACK. I love everything about Life Screams , even the cover, with Lacey emerging from the Raven. (Is she saying "Nevermore" to a Flyleaf reunion?). Only thing is the Platinum look is going to take a while for me. I wish the brunettes would stay that way.

On to the music. Lacey has gone solo with a sound sure to please her old Flyleaf Sounds. No Addie Camp misfire here (Now A Benjamin Gate Reunion, that would be great). And to those who are disappointed with her ballad heavy lineup, all I can say is GET OVER IT. The girl has a voice for ballads, like my favorite Amy Lee. Both ladies can chill the spine and make you feel the hurt and pain of the lyrics. Who needs a psychologist when you've got these too. The Night Beat Prescribes the following, in order vanity, rot, you're not alone, feels like forever, and Life Screams .

There is one major surprise on the album, and it happens to be a live cover, that is so good you might want to call the Police. Not the cops but the 70's English Rock Band The Police with Sting. The Song is Roxanne, and I checked out both Lacey and Sting and I've got to go with Lacey. It comes out a Rescue Song which should be snapped up by Teen Challenge or another Christian Youth Ministry. It is simply oozing with Pain, and that is a compliment. I Let You Make the Comparison. First we go with The Police, and Sting's High Voice.
And now the Life Screams version with Lacey, complete with Thrash Growls, which Sting did not do at the time.

I think you know which one is better. I am giving Life Screams a Perfect 5 Emerald Rating only because that is as high as I go. You have got to get this album. Until next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.