Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Ol' Starry Eyes

There is a shakeup in the Board, folks. It's official, we have a new Chairman. It's a good thing too, there is a woeful supply of true crooners in music today. Who knew the new Chairman would come from Christian Music? Yes you heard that right, Christian Music.

Kevin Max has blazed quite a trail since the breakup of DC Talk. In my opinion he has been the most successful solo act of the three. Sure TobyMac made the biggest splash and being the lead singer of Newsboys is nothing to poo poo. Still Kevin Max has blazed his own path. Author, Actor, and Singer, his shimmering vocals have proved a difficult fit for most pop music. While I was a skeptic when Audio Adrenaline picked him as lead singer for their reboot, it worked because they tailored the music around Max and not the other way around.

No tailoring needed here. Kevin Max is a crooner at heart, and his recently released album Starry Eyes Surprise is evidence, complete with Kevin Max decked out in a tux on the cover. The songs are all what we at the Night Beat call "Clean Secular", nothing to be ashamed to hum here. His voice is made for Stranger in the Night and Sunglasses at Night, and especially the closing Moon River

I have been playing this continuously since I found it on Soundcloud, and I think everyone should have this blessing. There is no way that this doesn't rate a perfect 5 Emeralds. As befitting the "old school" theme this is no Digital Download. We have a CD Only release folks, at least via Amazon. The link to purchase and support the Night Beat is here. 
Kevin Max Starry Eyes Surprise

I would only be repeating myself again and again if I said anymore. This album is a great deal. You'll kick yourself if you don't get it. Until next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.