Monday, June 8, 2015

Music Video Monday: Exhale

Welcome back to our regularly scheduled edition of Music Video Monday. It has been difficult to maintain our regular schedule recently, but I think we may begin to be able to pull it off now. I may have to schedule them in advance, but such will be the case.

We begin our journey with an artist I have been hot and cold with. Jimmy Needham is his name, and this time I am tending to hot, but I'm not so sure about the video end of it. This mascot bombing thing (which I assume is the Vice part) is pretty cruel. Yes it was probably staged, but why?

Next we go to a long awaited return by one of my favorite Rock bands, and yes it is an FFR band. Fireflight is back, and they've gone through a sound change as well. This is more poppy than the Fireflight I was used to. Still, they have pulled it off seamlessly, and I like the result of INNOVA, though I still don't know why they named their album after a Disc Golf Company. This is We Are Alive.

Last, but certainly not least, we return to my favorite Fruit (er, Dance Artist). I mean Plumb (aka Tiffany Arbuckle Lee). She continues to Crank out perfection in Pop, Electronica, Dance and Rock. This is the title cut from the Perfect Album Exhale.

That does it for this edition of Music Video Monday. Until next Monday, I am Awaiting Your Reply.