Monday, June 29, 2015

Music Video Monday: Bringing NYVES to a Gunfight

Welcome to an all new edition of Music Video Monday, where we play the best Music Videos from the best in CCM and the Fringe and GRAC. If it's great, you'll see and hear it here.

We begin with a "new" artist. Actually, they have been around for a year or so. The name is +ILIA Music . They are a hot new sound out of Little Rock, Arkansas. Before you say "Can anything good come out of Little Rock?" I would remind you that it is the same city that produced Evanescence, so there is a good musical heritage. This is Young Diaries, off their album Reborn.
They say to never bring a knife to a gunfight. Well, they must never have heard of NYVES. They can be forgiven, because they are new. Again, sort of. It is an electronic side project from Ryan Clark, lead vocalist of Demon Hunter. This is Return

Finally, a video from the ongoing concept. They are still not ready for prime time in my opinion, but they are growing on me as they progress. This is Handmade.

That does it for this week. Next week is a special edition of Music Video Monday. How special?, you ask. Next Monday at 7pm Eastern Time the #PlatVnyl5 Award Ceremony will take place, and you can finally find out who was named the best of the year. We will be sharing the winners on the blog all next week, so stay tuned. Until then, I am Awaiting Your Reply.