Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Its a long way to coupleary

I know, it's supposed to be Tipperary, but this is about Valentines Day. In honor of single guys everywhere, I have declared the first 16 or 17 days of February to be called Coupleary and give permission for them to be ignored. No more guilt trips.

Singleness does have its upside. Every year I save an average of $300 (just like I saved around $20K on a car last year by not buying one). Now I noticed the other day that Ash Wednesday is on February 13th. I'd like to see some poor sap try to use that for why he didn't get roses. "We're giving that up for lent." You know it's a tough call when it causes the Pope to say Take this job and shove it.

As a music blogger, I find a lot in lyrics, and while I would love to be like Rel Paul and say:

Girl you got me thinking, God must really love me
to give me someone like you, you, to really love me
hey hey hey, Oh, I'm like hey hey hey
And If I was really romantic, I'd go for Disciple's Kevin Young
So baby let's go dancing across the sky tonight
cause no mountain could keep me from your arms tonight
of all the things in my life, that I could rewrite,
I wouldn't trade a moment with you
Despite all the awww. There are plenty of things I'd trade. He's got his girl. While I'm a happy guy, when I get down around this time of year I sometimes agree with Cloud 2 Ground.

It's gonna be the last time I listen to my heart
cause it lied, and you lied
and I'm tired that I wont cry, I wont cry
look what you've done
I was crazy for you, so crazy for you.
And despite the years, I will agree with Skillet that

The older I get, will I get over it
it's been way to long for the times we missed
I can't believe it still hurts like this but I think
the older I get maybe I'll get over it
it's been way to long for the times we missed
I can't believe it still hurts like this.
While there is a certain someone I think about as I play woulda coulda shoulda, there are two others who could fit as well. My first crush was a girl in my church by the name of Tina Cavaleri. I was 13, I think she was 15 or 16. You know what that means. She didn't know I was alive. One time when our church got in a hugging mode I gave her a hug during service. Let's just say I now know what it's like to hug a dead fish.

At around the same time, there was another girl, Lori Ann Pierce, one of the Pastor's daughters. She was a cute petite blonde of around 12 or 13 and had a crush on me. Between the fact that I go for brunettes, and Tina was one, and she was somewhat younger, I didn't know she was alive. It was a double edged sword anyway.
  • If things go well: You are in. With the Church and Heaven. You may be a favorite son in law and even make Pastor someday.
  • If they don't: You can't even imagine the level of hell you'll be assigned to.
Lori's the only girl I could blackmail by saying that "She fell asleep on my lap." In reality she lay her head on my lap and fell to sleep while the youth group was returning from a trip to see a musical. I believe it was "The Missionary of Oz". It was in the pre -seat belt law era. Oh well. Woulda coulda shoulda.

February the 15th is almost here. That's when the Candy goes half-price.