Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Music Video Monday: Found

Welcome to the latest edition of Music Video Monday, where we share the best CCM Music Videos we can find. And sometimes they are Lyric Videos. They remind me of the old follow the bouncing ball shorts. With thrash metal, it is indispensable. Two of the three videos are Lyric Videos. Let's get to it. 

First up is a "debut" of Sorts, though we are talking of a veteran of Christian Music. Aye Mr. Christian. Stephen Christian is the former lead singer of Anberlin and Currently of Anchor and Braille. Now he is debuting in the Modern Worship genre with Wildfires. It is the closest you can get to Anberlin Worship. This is Gloria.
Nichole Nordeman is not a name known to many these days. She is known to the Night Beat, and we are glad to see her back in top form. Sometimes artists return from a hiatus tamed, but not Nichole. This is You're Here 
And finally we do a live concert video. Sometimes these aren't very good because the audio quality suffers from time to time. This was acceptable, and I really did not want to do three lyric videos in a week. Seventh Day Slumber is back with a vengeance. This is the title cut to their new album Found.
And that does it for this edition of Music Video Monday. Due to time constraints and the Southwest Believers Convention we are actually publishing this Tuesday Afternoon. Oh Well, I am going to try to catch up with another post at the regular time. Until then, I am Awaiting Your Reply.