Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Hamilton: The Musical Manifesto

Made You Look. No, this isn't about the Broadway Musical that made Liberals Salivate last winter. This is a Music Blog, and I try to keep it free of political matters if I can. As a lover of history, especially American History, however, I will say, that if the Media was quoting the musical, that is a sure sign of Historical INACCURACY. Enough said.

No, the Hamilton referred to in the title is Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, the Home of The City Harmonic. These members of The Commonwealth CCM have grown up with The Night Beat and The Platinum Vinyl Awards, and it is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye. 

It was January, 2011. The Platinum Vinyl Awards was still in its infancy, being only #PlatVnyl2. (We are awarding #PlatVnyl7 and tallying #PlatVnyl8. It seems like ages ago). New Release Today (New Release Tuesday at the time) had as its album preview something called Introducing The City Harmonic. The second track on the 6 song 25 minute EP was entitled Manifesto, It was all the introduction the band needed. Manifesto made Song of The Year that year, and the EP was our Pick for Modern Worship Album of The Year. They just got edged out for Album of The Year. A little number called Barton Hollow by The Civil Wars came out the same year.

Personally, they let success get to their heads as I Have A Dream (October 2011) and Heart (September 2013) didn't really impress the judges here, though they were very good albums. They righted the ship, however, and came out with We Are (September 2015) which garnered a Perfect 5 Emeralds and entrance into #PlatVnyl6 and walked away with AC/Insp Album of The Year and AC/Insp Song of The Year for We Are One.

And now it is over. Six Years. But what a ride. The appropriately titled Benediction, recorded at Hamilton, is a fourteen song ride of a lifetime. A best of concert that will remind longtime fans of what they loved, and newbies cry for what they missed. Twelve of The Fourteen are from their four albums and not surprisingly the best represented is their "Debut" which had four of their six songs represented, including Manifesto.

The album kicks off with the appropriately titled My God (The Chorus is Oh My God), and doesn't let up from start to finish despite calming down for songs like Holy (Wedding Day) and Honestly (not the Stryper fave, though I think they could pull it off). Picking a favorite song is impossible. This is on auto repeat all this week.

You know a band will be missed when the live album shows that the audience clearly knows all the lyrics and sings along perfectly. I think you know my rating. 5 Emeralds

And All of the people of God sang along, AMEN. I am Awaiting Your Reply.