Monday, November 28, 2016

The 2016 MVM Christmas Parade: My Family's Crazy

Welcome to a very special Music Video Monday. It's time for the 2016 Christmas Parade. From now until the new year we will be handling Christmas Videos exclusively. Hopefully the supply of music videos will be replenished by then.

We begin with a classic song, though a fan video. Sara Groves is singing about Toy Packaging. Never mind the dynamite.

Well go with a bit of Classic Romance for the next video. We've got a little bit of Dave Barnes. I think I could stay in for Christmas Tonight if I had a girl like that.

Anyway, they say that the Holiday Season is a time of great stress. Toy Packaging not withstanding. It usually has something to do with relatives. Of course I wouldn't know that, because I really don't have an extended family. But things have gotten askew for Tim Skipper (House of Heroes) and his wife Stephanie (Smith) Skipper. They know that My Family's Crazy (At Christmas Time).
The 2016 edition of The Night Beat Christmas Parade is under way. We will be posting at least on Monday, depending on how many videos I can scare up. Until next time, Ho Ho Ho and I am Awaiting Your Reply.