Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The End of Silence

They say Silence is Golden, and they may be right. Gold is such a common metal, however, and so is related to Semi-Precious Metals at The Night Beat. We are in Pursuit of Platinum here. In short, we are looking for the stuff of which legends are made.

Which brings us to our band. The Year was 2006 and The Night Beat was in hiatus. This blog went live in 2010. That's not to say I wasn't keeping in touch with things, I was. I just wasn't blogging about it.  I was listening to plenty of internet radio to keep up with Christian Bands, as the over the air Christian Radio was sermon-centric, with AC Music for filler. Thank God for Internet Rock and Industrial Radio. Christian EDM Radio was nonexistent at the time.

One big surprise was a band named for a color. RED was formed in 2002, and their debut, End of Silence came out four years later.

End of Silence is now 10 years old, and while that is memorable, it wouldn't rate a new review. This is different. The original songs have been remastered, and new versions added. 

Four of the new songs are acoustic versions of the originals. It proves my doctrine that a rock band can make awesome acoustic music, but I wouldn't touch the Talley Trio sings Tourniquet with a ten thousand foot pole. The four songs are Breathe Into Me, Lost, Already Over and Hide. There are also two really new songs If I Break and an instrumental Demo entitled Circles. So we are really talking about a new album, so I am treating it as thus.

Let's just admit from the outset. I am horribly biased when it comes to RED. They are one of my favorite bands. Not to say that they can do no wrong. I did Panic at Release The Panic. That is what happens when they try to make "an album" instead of producing a masterpiece. They were forgiven with the release of the Re calibrated edition. One of the problems, other than the missing strings, was the intro and conclusion tracks which bind a typical RED album together. It was just, therefore, a random collection of songs. Songs like Pieces, Breathe Into Me and Already Over, terrific on the original, are downright awesome when they have a few extra dollars to spend on some serious remastering.

I am giving End of Silence 10th Anniversary Edition a Perfect 5 Emerald score. If you want to see the birth of a legend, get this album. It is a perfect introduction to a band, which like its color namesake, always gets attention. Until next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.